Cyprus Federation of America 40th National Convention

Attended by representatives from across America, the Cyprus Federation of America held their 40th National Convention on Saturday, March 24th at Terrace on the Park. Attending the conference were His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios of America, Minister of Justice of The Republic of Cyprus Mr. Loukas Louca, Ambassador of Greece, Vassilis Kaskarelis, Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus Pavlos Anastasiades, Ambassador to the U.N. Minas Hadjimichael, Council Generals of Greece and Cyprus, Mr. George Iliopoulos and Ms. Koula Sophianou, Consul of Greece Evangelos Kyriakopoulos, Parliamentarians Elias Karanikas from Evritania and Nicos Panagiotopoulos from Kavala,Greece and Pseka President, Philip Christopher.

President Peter Papanicolaou confirmed the positive work of the Federation and member chapters and congratulated them all in promoting Cyprus and actively holding cultural activities, and helping the youth and many charitable organizations. During the Conference the Presidents of clubs reported on their yearly activities.

Mr. Papanicolaou stated “As President I feel proud because this organization has been built on sound foundations in order to ensure the continuity for our community in the USA. I am very pleased to hear from both expatriates and Americans praise for our Organization and the work of the Federation”. Mr. Papanicolaou stated that the Cypriot community has developed a very important work in relation to the Cyprus problem and has been involved in American political life and gained access to Washington, in Congress and in the White House.

What counts in American politics and to make things happen “we must help with votes and money”. Even though we are a small community, we have power and there are several of us who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have these opportunities. Much more work needs to start from the local level up.. Mr. Papanicolaou stated that we must now intensify our work because Turkey has organized well at all levels in America.

The President of PSEKA, Philip Christopher, said that since the invasion of 1974, the Organization and its members have embarked on a journey, but unfortunately still have not reached their destination. The destination has not changed and for 37 years we have fought hard but Lapithos, Kerynia, Apostolos Andreas, Morphou, and Famagusta are still occupied. For 37 years we support the Government of Cyprus and the democratically elected President and even though you may not always agree with manipulations in Cyprus we must remain together in unison because of our common goal. “What we must resist all together is the aim of Turkey for annexation of occupied Cyprus. And this message should be sent to Congress “. He said that now that the Turkey talks about annexation, gives us the opportunity to change and progress. Mr. Christopher also mentioned the positive developments, such as the issue of natural gas and of cooperation with Cyprus and Israel, urging everyone to continue the struggle.

The Minister of Justice: “Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership insist to submit proposals that invalidate the convergences which achieved substantial capital of Cyprus, or evade the debate on key issues, causing a serious setback and undoing whatever progress had been achieved in the talks,” Mr. Loukas Loucas said in his speech.

The Minister representing the Cyprus Government, conveyed to the community warm greetings of the President of the Republic, Mr. Christofias, and of the people of Cyprus and their sincere thanks for the continued support and solidarity of the Omogenia, to repeated efforts to solve the Cyprus problem, the discharge of Cyprus by the Turkish occupation and unification.

“This race serves consistently from the first moment of his or her duties, by taking initiatives to exit from deadlock and reach a solution as soon as possible. A concerted and mutually agreed solution of the Cyprus problem, under, bi-zonal Federation. A solution fair, functional and sustainable, which ends the occupation and settlement, will reunite the territory, people, institutions and the economy, and ensures and preserves a member with a domination, a nationality and one international personality on the basis of political equality as defined in the relevant resolutions of the Council.

The Cyprus Federation honored departing Ambassador Minas Hadjimichael at the convention who was transferred to Berlin.