Discover Cyprus Program – Back for 2014

NEPOMAK is the World Organization for Young Overseas Cypriots. A global organization dedicated to the needs of young overseas Cypriots around the World, with member branches in eight countries including Africa, Australia, Canada, Greece, South Africa, the UK and the USA.

What is the NEPOMAK Discover Cyprus Programme?

The NEPOMAK Discover Cyprus Program has been created in partnership with the Youth Board of Cyprus, the University of Cyprus and is funded by the Government of Cyprus. The Program aims to provide young overseas Cypriots with the opportunity to visit their homeland undertake a series of cultural activities and participate in an intensive language course. Accommodation is provided at the modern and well-equipped student residences at the University of Cyprus. The Programme is heavily subsidised, covering accommodation, course and excursion costs and part of the airfare. The participants will also be required to make a contribution.

When is the Program held?
The Discover Cyprus Program will run from July 1-21, 2014.

Who can participate?
All candidates must be 18-22 years old inclusive on July 1-21, 2014.

How do I apply?
To apply for the Program, please complete the application form. Conditions will apply to those who are successful.
The closing date for applications is April 1, 2014.

Please note that all applicants will be interviewed to determine:

  • Personal qualities and past experiences;
  • Ability to cope on the Program; and
  • Whether applicants have a basic knowledge of Cyprus.

NDCP is back for 2014!
Our flagship 3 week programme is back with applications already open. If you know anyone who would like to apply, please encourage them to do so, so that they can share the same experiences that a number of you have shared! For more information click here. Alternatively, email the NDCP Coordinator in your country for more information, or our Global Coordinator Danny Kartoudi, for more information –

Thanks for your continued support!

The NEPOMAK team