CFA Philanthropic Committte at work

CFA Philanthropic Committte at work . Fundraiser for Demetria Constantinides. Pictured from left: Despina Axiotakis, Peter Louca, Sophia Cotzia and Christos Nicolaou

“Philanthropy is the voluntary sharing of one’s personal and financial resources to enhance human well-being and bring about positive social change. In short, philanthropy is “Giving for a Quality Life.”

The Cyprus Federation of America Philanthropic Fund was established as a Committee to:

• Facilitate the development of chapter goals and objectives and execute tasks to achieve them.
• Plan, coordinate, and evaluate all philanthropy and service projects.
• Ensure that philanthropy events operate effectively and provide a positive experience for members and the benefactors.
• Serve as a role model by actively participating in philanthropy activities.


• The CFA donated $5,000 to the organization “Synthesmos of Families of Narcotics users” that will be used to help raise money for people who attend re-hab chaired by Mrs. Elsie Christofias and the Archbishop of Cyprus through the Cyprus Children’s Fund
• CFA works with the Rachel Cooper Foundation when the children from Cyprus will be coming to NY for treatment
• Greek Children’s Fund
• Cyprus Children’s Fund
• St. Basils in Garrison, NY
• “Pins for Pualy” Foundation
• CFA has aided individuals/families that were not able to pay their rent
• Has aided children in their college tuition costs
• Has aided individuals who have lost their job and need temporary relief with funds and/or housing
• Helped many families needing medical help or housing while families received medical care
• Haiti Relief – $2,000 was sent through the Archdiocese of America

• Queens College the CFA offers three scholarships every year
• The Panpaphian Association – offered $1,000 in scholarship
• The American Hellenic Scholarships
• Princeton Scholarship Fund

The Current Chairman of the Philanthropic Committee is Mr. Nicos Zittis