Hospitality Trip 2011

Dear Parent/Guardian:

We invite your child to participate in The Hospitality Program which is a Cyprus Government sponsored Program for children 12-16 years of age.

While the child is on the program and in Cyprus, all expenses will be paid by the Cyprus Government.  The airfare is the responsibility of the child’s family.  The children will receive a subsidy from the Cyprus Government for expenses.  The dates for the trip for 2012 will be determined after the new year.

Please be sure to fill out the application completely and accurately.  Upon approval of your child’s application, we will call you to make the necessary flight arrangements.    If your child will be traveling prior to the departure date, please let us know so that arrangements can be made for them to join the group in Cyprus.  

The application can be downloaded here.

Kindly send your applications either to Despina Axiotakis, CFA General Secretary, either via email: or  FAX TO: 201-444-0445 or the Cyprus Consulate offices at, 13 East 40th Street, New York, NY 10013.

Thank you.

Despina Axiotakis
General Secretary
Cyprus Federation of America



1. Parents, or at least one parent must be of Greek/Cypriot descent. (Consideration will be given to non-Greek/Cypriot children).

2. Children must be born abroad, or must have left at a young age and preferably visiting Cyprus for the first time

3. Children must be of ages 12 through 16

4. Preferably, one child will be selected from each family

5. Children who have participated in the Hospitality Program previously  will not be accepted

6. During the Hospitality Trip, children must stay at designated places

7. Following the hospitality trip, children may stay with relatives or friends as authorized by parents and provided that parents assume such responsibility

8. Parents must notify the educator/escort in charge of the hospitality trip of the name of the person who will deliver or receive child prior to the departure from New York

9. During the entire hospitality trip, children will be escorted by educator/chaperone

10. Children must obey all rules and express any problems or grievances directly to the escort.  If children do not obey rules, they will be expelled from the trip.

11. Children must deliver to the escort sums of money (allowance) for the purpose of avoiding losses, unnecessary waste and purchases

12. Upon arrival at the Cyprus airport, children will be received and escorted by representatives of the Service for Overseas Cypriots of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus

13. Responsibility for any children who choose to remain in Cyprus or travel to other destinations upon conclusion of the hospitality trip, shall remain with the parents, relatives or friends.  The same applies for receiving children before the departure date and beginning of hospitality trip

14. Participating children shall be selected by a special committee consisting of a representative of the Consulate General of Cyprus and by two representatives of the Cyprus Federation of America. The selection process will start following application submitted by the child’s parents, to the above Committee.

15. The dates and duration of the Hospitality trip will be made public and shall be announced through the press

16. The amount of subsidy will be announced by the Selection Committee

17. Notification regarding acceptance or non-acceptance of submitted application shall be made timely.  The Hospitality Trip includes a) a subsidy of airfare; b) 10-day hospitality in locations of the Ministry of Education of Cyprus and OELMEK ( sightseeing and touring, picnics, visits to museums and archeological sites;  d) books and small value gifts; e) airfare for escort; f) Hospitality trip will take place during the summer months.  At the conclusion of their trip, children will be asked to submit a written report on their trip and submit to the selection committee.

18. Which Cypriot organization do parents belong to?