The New York Pancyprian-Freedoms Win. They Are the 2010 National Champions!

Congratulations to our team for making us proud with their win.

This is the fifth National title in the team’s glorious history of (35) years.  In 2010, the team was crowned by three special titles:  Cosmopolitan League Champi8ons, NY State Cup Champions and USA National Champions.  I a dramatic game in Philadelphia on Sunday, August 1st, the NY Pancyprian Freedoms outlasted the Detroit Kickers.  After leading 1-0 for 90 minutes, Detroit tied the game.  In 30 minutes of overtime, the score was tied 2-2.  After only 3 penalty kicks, the NY Pancyrians were declared Champions 3-0.  Congratulations to the players, coaches and the athletic division!   Special thanks to the many fans and supporters.