The Cyprus issue at the heart of contacts with U.S. officials and Members

By Dimitris Tsaka

New York .- Large delegation of the Cyprus Federation of America, wrote ” EP ” , on the day of the 36th anniversary of Turkish invasion of Cyprus, visited Washington, where he had a series of meetings with federal MPs and senators, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as consultant Security President Obama.

The Chairman of the Cyprus Federation of America, Panicos Papanicolaou , speaking on ” EP ” welcomed the contacts between the weekend and others said: “From a House and Senate had many meetings with deputies and senators. These were traditional friends of the American Hellenic Congress, whose positions are known and identical to our own positions on issues , not only Cyprus, but the Greeks .

“In the State Department met with Deputy Foreign Minister , as well as adviser to President Obama on matters of national security issues of Cyprus and Greece. Currently in Washington there is a doubt about the intentions of Turkey. We have the recent events in Israel and particularly with Iran. They have expressed their disappointment at the attitude of Turkey. From what they told us, we conclude that Turkey’s behavior is not behavior that America expects from an ally , “he added .

Referring to the issues raised in these meetings , Mr. Papanikolaou said: “We must convince our partners that America should see Turkey from a different angle. There is Cyprus, where Turkey for 36 years did not make any gesture .

Their positions are hardest Turkey to the negotiating table and also expressed our concerns about the fate of the end of time , because a lot written and said in the press by representatives of the United Nations and countries that are mixed with the Cyprus issue .

“Therefore , we wanted to talk with them and explore their intentions ahead of next November and December, everyone thinks it will be months actual developments on the Cyprus issue “, concluded Mr. Papanicolaou , who attended Thursday in remembrance of anniversary of Turkish invasion , which was held at City Hall in Jersey City.