Association of Asgata “Cyprus”

President: Peter Louca

The Asgata Association was established in 1934 and is one of the oldest Cypriot associations in the United States. Early immigrants from Asgata came to the United States as early as 1900.

The association was one of the founding members of the Cyprus Federation of America and Mr. Paul Pyrhos was a President of the Cyprus Federation. With over 200 member families, the members goals is to keep the Hellenic Cypriot cultures alive and to continue the struggle of the Cyprus people for a free and united Cyprus.

The Asgata Association formed a Ladies Division by Founding President Mrs. Maria Ioannou who felt that there was a need to establish an organization to concentrate on helping the needy families in Asgata. Mrs. Ioannou started the Association in 1957 and was President for over 20 years. The next President was Mrs. Christina Drousha; Olivia Christou; Despina Ioannou Axiotakis and Loula Antoniou. Mrs. Despina Axiotakis founded the Asgata Youth Division in 1987 as well as the Dance Group and began the Asgata Newsletter. The Ladies Division merged with the Asgata Association and now the Association is one of the strongest and most productive member of the Cyprus Federation of America.

The Asgata Association has helped numerous families in Asgata and helped purchase the “Arhontariki” oppositie the Church of Apostolos Petros kai Pavlos. They helped in maintaining the church and also adding a new cemetery.
The current President Mr. Peter Loucas has spearheaded numerous events and also organized the “Back to the Homeland for Pascha” in 1998. He works tirelessly for the Association.

Following are some of our recent events:

Assistance to our members and our town of Asgata

  • Our Association helped financially the five Asgata families that were affected by Hurricane Sandy
  • Donated $15,000 to Benefit the Needy Children in Cyprus and to subsidize the school lunches for the Villages of Asgata, Vasa and Sanida due to the subsidy Government cuts in Cyprus.
  • Donated $5,000 for the Cyprus Relief Fund via the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
  • Assist in fundraisers held by other member associations and the CFA

Annual Held Events

  • Annual Picnic in Mattituck, NY commencing with an Artoclasia and a Mnymosinon at the Church of our Savior commemorating all those that fought during the July 20th invasion and occupation.  The services are followed by a traditional Cypriot breakfast and followed by an all day fun picnic  for the entire family.
  • Annual Dinner Dance honoring our 2013 college/university graduates and a farewell plaque to our Consul General Mrs. Koula Sophianou
  • Annual Vasilopita offering Christmas gifts to at least 40 children from our Association

Asgata participated in the following:

  • The Greek Independence Day Parade
  • July 20th Memorial Service
  • 1955 EOKA event
  • PSEKA conference in Washington D.C.
  • POMAK/PSEKA conference in Cyprus
  • White House celebrating Greek Independence Day
  • Participated at fellow Federation members annual events
  • Attended many fundraisers for CFA and member associations
  • CFA Annual Dinner Dance

Upcoming Events

Saturday November 15th –  Asgata to celebrate 80 years of its founding at Terrace on the Park (Penthouse) with a unique and special night of fun.

Picnic  June 29 at Mattituck, NY celebrating the Saints of our church in Asgata,  Apostolos kai Pavlos


Past Presidents:  George Christoforou, Nicos Neocleous, Kyriacos Ioannou+, Paul Pyrros+, Costas Pyrros+, Zenon Pettaris+, Loizos Papaioannou+

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