Cyprus Benevolent Society of Tidewater, VA

President: Dr. Christopher Nicholas

The Cyprus Benevolent Society of Tidewater, Virginia  was formed in the early  1950’s  by the  late  Angelo Christie, Tommy Kyrus,  Dr. Nick Gorgiades  and others.  These individuals were primarily  from  Morphou, Limassol and other towns and villages.   The purpose of the Society  is to offer help to our community and  our local parish and to bring Cypriots together to support the struggle of Cyprus,  help our people in need in the U.S. and in Cyprus and to and carry the Cypriot  traditions.

The Society has quarterly meetings and annually we have  a picnic, a memorial service, an annual affair at Christmas at which time the Society recognizes leaders and achievers among Cypriots and at the same time offer  scholarships  of about four to five thousand dollars annually.   The current president is Dr. C. Christopher Nicholas.   You may contact the president via email: