American Cyprus Association of Michigan

President: Steve Stylianou

Association of Asgata “Cyprus”

President: Peter Louca

The Asgata Association was established in 1934 and is one of the oldest Cypriot associations in the United States. Early immigrants from Asgata came to the United States as early as 1900.

The association was one of the founding members of the Cyprus Federation of America and Mr. Paul Pyrhos was a President of the Cyprus Federation. With over 200 member families, the members goals is to keep the Hellenic Cypriot cultures alive and to continue the struggle of the Cyprus people for a free and united Cyprus.

The Asgata Association formed a Ladies Division by Founding President Mrs. Maria Ioannou who felt that there was a need to establish an organization to concentrate on helping the needy families in Asgata. Mrs. Ioannou started the Association in 1957 and was President for over 20 years. The next President was Mrs. Christina Drousha; Olivia Christou; Despina Ioannou Axiotakis and Loula Antoniou. Mrs. Despina Axiotakis founded the Asgata Youth Division in 1987 as well as the Dance Group and began the Asgata Newsletter. The Ladies Division merged with the Asgata Association and now the Association is one of the strongest and most productive member of the Cyprus Federation of America.

The Asgata Association has helped numerous families in Asgata and helped purchase the “Arhontariki” oppositie the Church of Apostolos Petros kai Pavlos. They helped in maintaining the church and also adding a new cemetery.
The current President Mr. Peter Loucas has spearheaded numerous events and also organized the “Back to the Homeland for Pascha” in 1998. He works tirelessly for the Association.

Following are some of our recent events:

Assistance to our members and our town of Asgata

  • Our Association helped financially the five Asgata families that were affected by Hurricane Sandy
  • Donated $15,000 to Benefit the Needy Children in Cyprus and to subsidize the school lunches for the Villages of Asgata, Vasa and Sanida due to the subsidy Government cuts in Cyprus.
  • Donated $5,000 for the Cyprus Relief Fund via the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
  • Assist in fundraisers held by other member associations and the CFA

Annual Held Events

  • Annual Picnic in Mattituck, NY commencing with an Artoclasia and a Mnymosinon at the Church of our Savior commemorating all those that fought during the July 20th invasion and occupation.  The services are followed by a traditional Cypriot breakfast and followed by an all day fun picnic  for the entire family.
  • Annual Dinner Dance honoring our 2013 college/university graduates and a farewell plaque to our Consul General Mrs. Koula Sophianou
  • Annual Vasilopita offering Christmas gifts to at least 40 children from our Association

Asgata participated in the following:

  • The Greek Independence Day Parade
  • July 20th Memorial Service
  • 1955 EOKA event
  • PSEKA conference in Washington D.C.
  • POMAK/PSEKA conference in Cyprus
  • White House celebrating Greek Independence Day
  • Participated at fellow Federation members annual events
  • Attended many fundraisers for CFA and member associations
  • CFA Annual Dinner Dance

Upcoming Events

Saturday November 15th –  Asgata to celebrate 80 years of its founding at Terrace on the Park (Penthouse) with a unique and special night of fun.

Picnic  June 29 at Mattituck, NY celebrating the Saints of our church in Asgata,  Apostolos kai Pavlos


Past Presidents:  George Christoforou, Nicos Neocleous, Kyriacos Ioannou+, Paul Pyrros+, Costas Pyrros+, Zenon Pettaris+, Loizos Papaioannou+

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CYPRECO of America, Inc.

Cypriot Emigrants Cultural Organization of America, Inc. (CYPRECO)

Elena Maroulleti, Founder, President


The centuries-old lace making tradition of the village of Lefkara was revived during a successful folk arts program presented by CYPRECO Of America, Inc., on March 7th at the Stathakion Cultural Center in Astoria, New York. The well attended event which was offered with free admission as a public service included guests from the Greek and Greek Cypriot American community, as well as members from the general audience of all ages and it featured the screening of an original documentary which examined and highlighted the historical development of this craft, the unique designs and techniques. Read more

Website: [Read more…]

Cypriots of New Jersey

President: n/a

The Cypriots of New Jersey was founded in the early 1960’s with over 300 family members. One of the founders and long time president was Mrs. Maria Varianides. She was instrumental in forming the Cypriots of NJ Youth and Dance Group who performed for U.S. Presidents, VIP’s of large corporations and Universities. Mrs. Varianides was a very active member of the Cyprus Federation who held many positions and was the forerunner of almost every event of the CFA. She helped organize the “Women Walk Home” in NYC immediately following the Turkish invasion with over 5,000 women dressed in black marching up 5th Avenue in New York City.

Cyprus Association of New Jersey

President: Michael Sirimis

Cyprus Benevolent Society of Tidewater, VA

President: Dr. Christopher Nicholas

The Cyprus Benevolent Society of Tidewater, Virginia  was formed in the early  1950’s  by the  late  Angelo Christie, Tommy Kyrus,  Dr. Nick Gorgiades  and others.  These individuals were primarily  from  Morphou, Limassol and other towns and villages.   The purpose of the Society  is to offer help to our community and  our local parish and to bring Cypriots together to support the struggle of Cyprus,  help our people in need in the U.S. and in Cyprus and to and carry the Cypriot  traditions. [Read more…]

Cyprus Society of Greater Philadelphia

President: Stelios Tsinontides
Past President: Costas Koumenis

Approximately 50 years ago, in 1956, the first Cypriot organization in the Greater Philadelphia area was established.  The formation of the organization was prompted by the arrest and exile of Archbishop Makarios III by the British colonial authorities.  This event was widely publicized and caused concern and anger among the Greek-American community as a whole.

The Greek-American community under the leadership of Gregory Lagagos and the leaders of the Philadelphia Federation of Hellenic Societies organized a protest in Philadelphia.

Following this protest, on April 4th 1956, a group of Greek Cypriots met at the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Demetrios and spearheaded the organization of the Brotherhood.

The first meeting was held on May 9, 1956.  The organization was named  “Makarios III” and a constitution was drafted.

A History Committee was formed in 2002 by George Savvides, the President of the Cyprus Brotherhood at the time, with the task to collect available information about the founders of the organization.  The committee, consisting of: Georgette Salidis, Selma Savides, Via Solomon, Pope Christie, Gus Georgiou and Euripides Christoulides was able to collect the following information about the founding members of the Organization:

George Anastasiou was born in Paralimni, Cyprus.  He was a Greek School Teacher and a Patriarchal Protopsaltis.  He owned and operated a grocery store.

Nicholas and Pope Christie both came from Vatili, Cyprus.  Nick was a painting contractor and served as the treasurer of the Brotherhood for many years

Euripides Christulides was born in Angastina, Cyprus.  His wife Mary was born in the United States.  Euripides was an accountant and, was the first elected secretary of our Brotherhood.

Gus Harris was born in Tseri, Cyprus.  His wife Irene was born in Ayia  Barbara, Cyprus.  Gus was a tailor.  He served as a member of the board and as treasurer.

Metros Helaclides was born in Larnaca, Cyprus.  His wife Koula was born in Ora, Cyprus.  Metros who was an accountant served as a member of the board.

Efthymios Mavrantonis was born in Meniko, Cyprus.  His wife Elli was born in Egypt.  Efthymios was a real estate owner and operated a grocery store.  He served as President of the Brotherhood.

Dr. Abraham Michaels was born in Kato Dri, Cyprus.  His wife Clara was born in the United States.  Dr. Michaels was a dentist.  He was elected as the presiding officer of the first meeting.  Later on, he served as president of the Brotherhood and as President of the Cyprus Federation of America.

Chris Michaels was born in Palekithron, Cyprus.  His wife Stella was born in the United States. Chris owned and operated a restaurant.

Michael Nicholas was born in Akapnou, Cyprus.  His wife Lillian was born in Philadelphia.  Michael served in the US Army during World War II.  He owned and operated a restaurant

George and Stella Oratis were both born in Ora, Cyprus.  George and his son James Oratis were owners and operators of a restaurant.

James Oratis was born in Ora, Cyprus.  His wife Panayiota (Pearl) was born in the United States.  He owned and operated his own restaurant.  James Oratis served as President of the Cyprus Federation of America.  He was also the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus in Philadelphia.

John Paraskevas was born in Akapnou, Cyprus. His wife Renee was born in Philadelphia.  John owned and operated a seafood restaurant.

Father Michael Sophocles and Presbytera Despina were both born in Ayia Barbara, Cyprus.  Father Sophocles was a priest at St. George Greek Orthodox church in Chester Pennsylvania.  He was instrumental in bringing Archibishop Makarios to his parish.  Irene Harris was the daughter of father Sophocles.

Efstratios Salidis was born in Egypt.  His father was born in Tseri, Cyprus.   His wife Georgette was born in the USA.  Efstratios was an educator and a translator for various legal firms in Philadelphia.  Efstratios and Georgette served the Brotherhood as President and Secretary.

Stravros Salidis was the brother of Efstratios Salidis.  He was also born in Egypt.  His wife Mary was born in the USA.  He was in real estate business.  During World War II, Stavros was a Second Lt. in the British Army.  He was also the first elected president of the Cyprus Brotherhood.

Harry Solomon was born in Vatili, Cyprus.  His wife Via was born in the USA.  Harry owned and operated the famous Garret Restaurant.  Harry also served as the vice president of the Brotherhood.  Both Harry and Via served on the board of directors.

John Solomon was born in Vatili, Cyprus.  John is Harry Solomon’s nephew.  John first started working with his uncle Harry.   Later on, he acquired the Arrow Restaurant. John served in the National Guard with Dr. Michaels.

Chris Pantelis and his wife Neovi were both born in Vatili Cyprus.  Chris was in the restaurant business and he also owned a delicatessen.  His wife Neovi worked at SAKS 5th Avenue for many years

The Founding Members:

George Anastasiou

Nicholas and Pope Christie

Euripides and Mary Christulides

Loucas and Helen Fotiou

Gus  and Irene Harris

Metros and Kyriakoula Heraclides

Thomas  and Elli  Mavrantonis

Dr. Abraham  and Clara Michaelides

Chris and Stella Michael

Michael  and Lillian  Nicholas

George  and Stella  Oratis

James and Panayiota Oratis

John and Renee Paraskevas

Efstratios  and Georgette Salidis

Stavros  and Mary Salidis

Harry  and Via Solomon

John Solomon

Rev. Michael  and Despina Sophocles

Chris and Neovi Pantelis


Enosis Lefkariton in America

President: John Papas

Enosis Lefkariton in America was founded in 1924. The village of Lefkara is well known for their hand-made lace –“lefkaritika kentimata”, and for their hand-made silver.

Photo from 09/1936 from a park in NJ by the GW Bridge

Photo from 03/25/1940 Convention

Kalavassos Fraternity

President: Michael Michaels (Ioannou)

Kalavasos Fraternity was Founded in 1936 with over 150 members is very active in the community to help keep the Hellenic Cypriot cultures alive.

Cypriot American Society of Greater Chicago

President: Steve Theafanous

This organization was founded in 1942 by Cypriot immigrants of the area.

Its primary objectives since then has been to foster friendship, emanating from mutual respect, and to promote cooperation, assistance and interaction among its members and other friends of Cyprus.

In the process, the rich cultural heritage, identity, traditions of Cyprus have been presented and preserved for the benefit of the new generations.

Lampousa Cypriot American Association

President: Stavros Kamilaris

Lampousa Cypriot-American Association was established in 1937 immigrant Cypriots from the Villages of Karavas and Lapithos.

Lampousa has over 250 family members residing throughout the US with the majority of it’s members residing at Northern New Jersey. [Read more…]

New Jersey Cypriot Association “Salamis”

President: Stathis Zambas
Past President: Nicos Zittis

The New Jersey Cypriot Association, Salamis was founded in the Spring of 1993 by a group of young Greek-Cypriot professionals who were seeking a medium through which they could meaningfully contribute towards a just solution of the Cyprus problem, as well as promote the Greek-Cypriot culture in the NY/NJ area.

The nickname, Salamis, was chosen not for the purpose of signifying a link with the specific area of Cyprus, as was the case with other Greek-Cypriot associations, but to highlight the Greek Heritage of the association’s members. The founders believed that, as one of the very first organized Greek settlements in Cyprus, the ancient town of Salamis near Famagusta was not confined to its physical boundaries, but rather represented the entire island of Cyprus.

The mission of the Association has been to promote the Greek-Cypriot culture and heritage, to cultivate social ties among its members, to establish relations with Cultural and educational institutions in Cyprus and Greece, to establish a Greek-Cypriot Center, and most importantly to assist and contribute to a just resolution of the Cyprus Problem.

Salamis organized many educational and cultural events during the first few years of its existence and membership grew fast, to more than one hundred families who live in the entire state of New Jersey and New York City area. The Association hosted events in New Jersey colleges and universities presenting the Cyprus problem, with Cyprus government officials and diplomats as keynote speakers. Since its inception, Salamis has supported the work of the Cyprus Federation of America and that of other Greek-Cypriot associations in the NJ/NY area, with which it has cultivated collaborative relationships.

Salamis became a member of the Cyprus Federation of America soon after its finding. The first President of the association was Kyriacos Vyras, followed by Christos Karamanos, Nicos Zittis and Efstathios Zambas.

Pancyprian Association

President: Philip Christopher

The Pancyprian Association was founded in 1975 and focused its efforts on protecting and assisting the struggle of the Cypriot people for freedom and justice.

There are five divisions: Athletic, Youth Athletic (Eleftheria), Women’s Issues Network,The Dance, and ChoirDivision. Pancyprian Association has branches in Texas, Florida and Washington DC. [Read more…]

Pancyprian Association Athletic Division

President: Lefteris Eliadis

Pancyprians USA National Champions

1980, 1982, 1983, 2008, 2010, 2011

The N.Y. Pancyprian Freedoms became the first team in the history of USA Soccer to win six National Championships!

 On Sunday, July 17th, 2011 in Bowling Green, KY, our defending champions defeated the “Chicago Polish Eagles” 6-0 on Friday and on Sunday in the Finals, defeated the Los Angeles “Doxa-Italia” team in penalty kicks.

 After an exciting match of 120 minutes, the score was 2-2 and the Championship was decided by penalty kicks. 

 Our victory was dedicated to Cyprus and more important, to the victims of the recent tragedy. 

2011 National Cup Finals Wrap-Up, NY Pancyprian Freedom and Eagles SC Defend Titles

Bowling Green, KY – On Sunday, July 17th, the NY Pancyprian Freedom (Men’s Open) and the Eagles SC (Women’s U23) successfully defended their titles at the 2011 USASA National Cup finals played at the Lovers Lane Soccer Complex in Bowling Green, Kentucky.   It didn’t come easy as both teams were taken to penalty kicks in their respective finals before ultimately prevailing with well earned victories. Along with the Freedom and the Eagles, four other champions were crowned: San Diego Surf (Men’s O30), Carolina Railhawks (Men’s U23), St. Louis JB Marine (Women’s Cup) and RWB Adria (Men’s Amateur).


Pancyprian Association – Eleftheria Pancyprian Youth Athletic Teams

President: Nikos Tziazas

Pancyprian Choir

President: Dr. Constantinos Yiannoudes

Pancyprian Association Dancing Division

President: Kyriacos Papastylianou

Pancyprian Association – Women’s Issues Network

President: Dr. Dia Christodoulidou

Pancyprian Association of Florida

President: Angela Georgiadis
Supreme President Receives Honor from Pancyprian Association of Florida

Read the Pancyprian Association of Florida Newsletter (available in pdf format)


Panpaphian Association of America

President: George Sophocleous
Past President: Michael Hadjiloucas

The Panpaphian Association was founded in 1989 with its primary goal to keep the Hellenic Cypriot cultures alive and to continue the struggle of the Cyprus people for a free and united Cyprus. [Read more…]

Pancyprians of Metropolitan Washington

President: Dinos Miltiadou

United Cypriots of Ohio


United Cyprians of America

President: Markos Koutsoftas

United Cyprians of America, Ladies Division

President: Maria Christodoulou

United Greek Cypriots of Northern California

President: Spyros Savaidis

The United Cypriots of Northern California maintains its Cypriot traditions and works with the local churches and other community organizations to promote their culture and heritage. [Read more…]