Mission Statement

To promote the rights, and freedoms of the Cypriot people, and work towards the termination of the illegal occupation of Cyprus from Turkey.

The objectives of the CFA are:

1.  The development of good relations and solidarity amongst its member organizations (hereinafter “chapters”), the promotion of their common goals, the representation of their common interests and the coordination of their common national, social, educational, philanthropic, cultural and other activities.

2.  The unification of the Greek Cypriot community of the United States of America and the preservation and promotion of the Greek Cypriot customs, traditions, principles and ideals amongst Greek Cypriot Americans, their descendants, and the people of the United States.

3.  The establishment of close ties between the people of the United States and the people of Cyprus through social, cultural, educational, philanthropic, and other exchanges.

4. The preservation and expansion of the Greek language and education in the United States.

5. The establishment of good relations with the Government of Cyprus and its representatives in the United States in order to strengthen and preserve the ties between the Cypriot Americans and the people of Cyprus.

6.  The establishment of social, cultural, educational, and other relations between the Cypriot Americans and other Americans of Greek descent.

7.  The cultivation of respect and support toward the Greek Orthodox Church.



Corporation formed in May of 1951

The first Corporation of the Cyprus Federation consisted of six directors, citizens of the United States and formerly of the Island of Cyprus.  The names of the first directors were:

Spyros Nicholaou, Savas Zavoyianis, M.D., Lois P. Tingirides, Aristedes Demetriou, Gregory Kanetes and Paul Pyrros

The first Executive Committee

The first president was Dr. Savas Zavoyiannis of New York City, a practicing physician in New York City and was formely a major  in the US. Army during World War II.

Lous P. Tingirides resided in Jamaica, New York and was in the insurance business, connected with the Equitable Life Insurance Company and his offices were on 5th Avenue, New York City.

Aristides Demetriou, orignally from Lampousa, was the first treasurer and resided in Bergenfield, New Jersey.  He was in the beauty parlor business whose business was on Amsterdam Avenue, New York City.  Aristides passed away in 2011 at the age of 100 and was activite in the CFA until his death.

Gregory Kanetes resided in Astoria, New York and had his own shoe repair shop on Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan

Paul Pyrros was born in Asgata, Cyprus and lived in Englewood, New Jersey.  He owned and operated a restaurant on Grant Avenue, Englewood, New Jersey.    He also became President of the Cyprus Federation .

Spyros Nicholaou resided in Manhattan and was a partner in the restaurant business on Spring Street, New York Cityknown as the Spring Diner.

Cyprus Youth Association of America (CYCA)

CYCA was Established in 2002 for the Cypriot youth of ages 17 to 30. The purpose of this division of the Cyprus Federation of America is to keep the Greek Cypriot culture and identity alive. CYCA has 80 members and operates on a globallevel, particulary amongst the youth – ages 17 to 30.  CYCA is very active in the community and organizes many events, such as Greek night, charity events and other fundraisers. We also work to raise aware ness of all Cypriot issues and particularly the Cyprus Problem.

Past Presidents of CFA

Dr. Savas Zavoyianis

November 1950 – October 1951

Rev. John Zanetos
October 21,1951-July 12 1952

Christos Messaris
July 13, 1952 – July 15, 1954

Spyros Nicholas
July 16, 1954 – Oct 30, 1955

Praxitelis Loizides

November 1, 1955 – September 9, 1956

Christos Papadopoulos

Sept. 10, 1956 – 1957

Miltiades K. Demetriou


Dr. A. Michaelides

Loucas Christodoulou

Paul Pyrros

Savvas Ashiotis

James Varianides

Dr. Christopher H. Costis

James Oratis

Andreas Konnaris

Christopher J. Christodoulou, Th.D.


Philip Christopher


Harry Theofanus


Andreas Konnaris


Ambassador Clay Constantinou

1987 – 1991

Andreas D. Comodromos,CPA

Peter Papanicolaou

1995 – 1999

Savvas C. Tsivicos


Peter Papanicolaou


Costas Tsentas


History of Organization

The Cyprus Federation of America is  an organization formed on November 10, 1950,  and was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, and registered under the name of Cyprus Federation of America, Inc. on May 25, 1951.

The resolution made for the establishment of K.O.A. was signed on April 12, 1951. The first constitution was approved by the First National Convention of the Federation on October 21, 1951.

The first provisional Committee of K.O.A. was composed of: Dr. S. Zavoyiannis (President), Spyros Nicholas (Vice-President), August Michaelides (Secretary), Aris Demetriou (Treasurer), Paul Pyrros, Gregory Kanetis and Mrs. Mary Kyriakides.

The Honorary President was H.B. Makarios III, Archbishop of Cyprus.